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You were many
Numbering about seven
Dressed like mobs...
You stormed their peace
At about six
The sunset was beautiful
And had a bloody feel...
He watched you;
Little Junior,
While you battled his father
And pulled at his throat
like a goat at the mercy of his master's whim
on a festive night...
His two-year old watched
With tears in his eyes
As his mother begged on both knees
But you sliced the man's throat
And let his body down
with a heavy thud
While little Junior drenched
in the pool of his father's blood...
Head is cleaved
The score is settled
You cleaned the blade
On a dead man's collar
And left his family
Just as you came...
"Daddy, please wake up..."
His child called
His wife wept

O Fathers
Please, think
Just before that step
Before you turn us into orphans
And our mothers, widows
Before you start the pages of a book
That we never wished to read.

Think, O think
Our leaders, please think
For Junior is the Youths
And your wife, the Country.

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 Written By: Splash Arts Limited.


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 Victor Agbali  commented on  Jan 21, 2021  at  07:51 pm. 
Yes there is power in thinking; To reiterate enough before doing, Before taking that ungraceful turn Before choosing tormentous path. Careful now, careful. Your choice is not wholly yours, It's like a message on the behalf of many, And you are the messenger.

 joy grace  commented on  Mar 24, 2021  at  11:03 pm. 
 Moses  replied on  Dec 10, 2021  at  12:24 am.
so true

 joy grace  commented on  Mar 24, 2021  at  11:03 pm. 

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